The purpose of this article to show the integration of Minio buckets with Kafka and Nuclio serverless functions. To achieve this goal I have used the following components. I will not explain each of them one by one because you can get tons of information about them from official pages and google.

Minio — Object Storage with wonderful API

Kafka — Open-source distributed event streaming platform

Nuclio — Serverless Platform for Automated Data Science

Our topology like as the following:

In this article, I will explain my hands-on approach PostgreSQL Patroni cluster with WAL-G and Minio. The purpose of this article to automate PostgreSQL full and incremental backups with a guaranteed and redundant place. I mean by using this environment you will achieve availability, redundancy, and daily full and incremental backups.

  • PostgreSQL - stores all data of Microservices applications.
  • Patroni - cluster controller of PostgreSQL servers. Wonderful API gives us a lot of functionality to control and understand the cluster status of the PostgreSQL. A simple GET request of Patroni 8008 port can give us 503 (Means this is slave…

Jamal Shahverdiev

DevOps engineer

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